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Experiments with a Liberating Graduate Pedagogy Seminar

It's hard to believe that the semester is drawing to a close, and yet, the palpable sense of exhaustion exuding from students, faculty, and librarians convinces me that it is true. It has been a challenging semester in many ways. I taught my first graduate course and asked both myself and my students to stretch to learn new skills while also attempting to keep up with my frenetic full-time job. It...
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Midterm Reflections

While I keep a private teaching journal, I thought it might be helpful to share a few reflections now that we're at the mid-point of the semester. I always give at least one evaluation before the end of a term to assess how things are going for the students and make any necessary pedagogical adjustments while there is still time for such changes to make a difference. Here are the questions on m...
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Making Space

This afternoon, I made space. Space for what? I made space on my bookshelf - for books. I know what you're thinking, and I agree - this is not newsworthy, in and of itself. The significance of this particular space making, however, is that the books are for my very first graduate course, and not just any graduate course. This course is on digital humanities research methods within the context ...
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The Digital Tool Shed is Real!

What is the Digital Tool Shed? It will be a renovated space in the former GIS Lab of the Claremont Colleges Library whose mission is to serve as an incubator for innovative digital research, teaching, and learning. It will be a space for exploration, practice, engagement, and experiential learning for individuals, groups, and classes. The newly renovated "Digital Tool Shed" will s...
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Taking Advantage of the 10%

What is the 10%? It is the allotment of time that, according to my job description, should be devoted to: "Actively contribut[ing] to digital scholarship in the fields of History and Library and Information Science to offer insights about new modes of scholarly communication." I'll be honest, it has felt impossible to make room in my schedule for this, and I haven't.  Really, 10% of a 40 h...
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Network Fatigue

While participating in the wrap-up of a stimulating R&D workshop at the Educause Learning Initiative Conference, I found myself inwardly groaning when someone suggested we keep the discussion going on Slack. It was not because I didn't value the conversations I had just had with colleagues or find some of the ideas proposed intriguing. Quite the opposite is true, in fact! However, I knew I cou...
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