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Workshop: The Future of DH @ CSU-Channel Islands


The general planning session will guide participants through the essential first steps of designing a DH center tailored to the needs and desires of CSU-Channel Islands. Participants will develop:

  • A vision for a Digital Humanities center/community
  • A list of current knowledge, skills, and interest levels at their campus, as well as potential areas of interest to focus on (i.e., data analysis and visualization, topic modeling, GIS, multimedia publication with Scalar, digital exhibit-building with Omeka, etc.)
  • A list of campus champions or potential champions and other support structures to give the DH community the best chance to succeed
  • A set of potential events, activities, and programs that the center might offer or that the community may engage in, as well as desired outcomes/deliverables in terms of faculty and students reached and scholarly “products” created
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