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Taking Advantage of the 10%

What is the 10%? It is the allotment of time that, according to my job description, should be devoted to: "Actively contribut[ing] to digital scholarship in the fields of History and Library and Information Science to offer insights about new modes of scholarly communication." I'll be honest, it has felt impossible to make room in my schedule for this, and I haven't.  Really, 10% of a 40 h...
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Network Fatigue

While participating in the wrap-up of a stimulating R&D workshop at the Educause Learning Initiative Conference, I found myself inwardly groaning when someone suggested we keep the discussion going on Slack. It was not because I didn't value the conversations I had just had with colleagues or find some of the ideas proposed intriguing. Quite the opposite is true, in fact! However, I knew I cou...
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