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Stats for Humanists | Winter 2021 Syllabus

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Course Description This is a learner-centered, project-based, introductory applied statistics course that exemplifies the principle of “data for good,” or putting Data Science and Digital Humanities to work for social justice efforts. Students will choose a data set that is personally meaningful and work with others who are interested in the same issue to generate evidence-based, statistic...
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Social Media Data Analytics | Spring 2019 Syllabus

Course Description: This class will help you develop data mining and social media analysis skills using Python 3. It will also ask you to think critically about the ethical use of social media data. This is a hands-on, interdisciplinary data analytics class for those who have at least a casual familiarity with Python. If you haven’t taken a course on Python, you will want to complete “Learn Py...
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Power and Authority on the Early American Frontier: Explorations with Text Analysis | Fall 2019 Syllabus

Course Description: This is an upper division Digital Humanities course that teaches text analysis, employing both user friendly tools and Python. We apply these techniques to study the history of Native- and Euro- American interactions in the present-day Midwest between 1776 and 1820. What did the Native American communities think, feel, and do in response to Euro-American incursion and ...
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