Flipping Your Class: How to Start

Flipping Your Class: How to Start

Flipped Course Design: Starting Small

Jessica Davila Greene & Dr. Ashley Sanders

Claremont Colleges Library, Claremont University Consortium

A Flipped Classroom or Inverted Learning is generally described as students doing classwork at home and homework in class, but is it that simple? Placing responsibility for learning on students, while incorporating a variety of teaching styles and active learning experiences in class is what distinguishes a flipped classroom. Students are asked to learn content on their own and attend class prepared to engage in learning activities. Preparatory assignments are not new to the college course, nor are the teaching methodologies incorporated in flipped classrooms. This interactive workshop will guide participants through the best practices for designing a flipped course, encourage participants to use what’s already in their wheelhouse, and think about ways to start small! A syllabus template and note sheets for use throughout the conference will be provided to participants.

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