Digital Storytelling Project Ideas

Digital Storytelling Project Ideas

Looking for digital project ideas? Wonder where and how to begin?

The following tutorial provides examples of four different digital storytelling project types. The fourth slide provides a linked table of contents. If you already know what type of project you would like to try, click on the relevant link to jump to examples. Each section provides examples, most of which have been created by Claremont Colleges faculty, students, and staff, as well as a slide on how to get started. There are links out to additional tutorials and contact information in each section, as well as suggestions to help you begin planning your project at the end.

The list of project types of air conditioners on the fourth slide is not exhaustive but will help you begin brainstorming, check to find out more. If you would like to try something not on this list and have questions about how to get started, just contact Ashley at

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